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Notre philosophie:


Nous disposons d'une structure d'accueil fléxible et attentionée afin de répondre à vos exigences!

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L'apprentissage des


Chez nous, l'éveil à l'apprentissage des langues est une priorité. Pour offrir une base solide à vos enfants !


Among the framework condition indispensable to an ideal environment for the child, security represents one of the central points around which everything else can be centred harmoniously to meet our primary objective : the well-being of your child.

With the goal of being prepared fo all eventualities, each detail has been considered and reconsidered, in order to conform to the strictest security standards in the field.

Here are several security measures adopted by Univers Montessori :

  • The access doors to the structure are accessible by doorbell only
  • For emergencies, we have a paediatrician and a medical center who have an office in the same building as Univers Montessori
  • Outings with the children are conducted in uniform to make the children as visible as possible
  • Walks are always supervised by several educators and trainees. We insist that the children hold their hand
  • Each employee is trained in first aid and paediatric first aid, and in the use of the defibrillator we have installed on the premises
  • If you do not come yourself to pick up your child at Univers Montessori, we will entrust your child only to persons on the list of persons authorised to pick up your child. Otherwise, we need a call or an email and the person who pick-up the child has to present his identity card.