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Notre philosophie:


Nous disposons d'une structure d'accueil fléxible et attentionée afin de répondre à vos exigences!

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L'apprentissage des


Chez nous, l'éveil à l'apprentissage des langues est une priorité. Pour offrir une base solide à vos enfants !


At Univers Montessori, we think that for your children to develop in a safe and healthy manner, hygiene must be considered one of the indispensable fundamentals at any child life centre.

This is why, we are committed to respecting strict standards of hygiene, to limit as much as possible germ contamination :

  • We use natural, non-toxic cleaning products in order to minimise triggering allergies and hypersensitivities to chemical ingredients
  • Each bed, blanket and pillow are assigned to one child by name and are washed weekly
  • The storage and preparation of food meet the strictest standards in the field

We emphasise and inculcate as early as possible in the children the principles of hygiene and establish the following washing rituals :

  • Hand washing before and after meals, as well a after using the toilet
  • Face washing after meals
  • Tooth brushing