Arrival & Departure

Arrival is a particularly important moment which will significantly influence how the day goes for the child and for ther parent. This is why it is a point of honour for our educational staff to welcome and surround the children with empathy, in order to reassure them and create a climate of confidence. We thus respect the desire the child feels to share a meaningful extra moment with his parent. We also take the time to have a dialogue with the parent and respect as much as possible his indications and requests.

By the same token, we favour a welcome that encourages the parent to take the time to calmly accompany his child into the cloakroom, put on his slippers, take off his coat or jacket and leave him with kind words.

At departure time, we give a brief oral report to the parents on the main activities of the day (they are also succinctly noted on a table). We take care to grant a priviledged moment at departure time to parents who request to talk about their child, his activities and his behaviour.

If a third party comes to pick up your child, he will need to present an identification card and must be previously registered on the list of authorised persons. In case of doubt, we will phone you to obtain your approval. We ask you to provide in due time changes in custody, etc. which may occur. In any case, if there is any doubt, we will opt for the principle of precaution and will keep your child as long as necesseary at Univers Montessori.

This being the case, when we let your child leave with you or any other person designated by you, our responsability ends.