At Univers Montessori, the head of the educational staff establishes the first contact with you and your child to present the child life centre and explain how the institution functions. You will plan with the head of the educational staff the general programme of your child's adaptation to his new environment, then afterwards a member of the educational staff will take over to pursue concretely how the adaptation will be carried out and finalise the details with you.

It is very important to allow the child to adapt gradually to his new world. This is why we place great emphasis on getting to know the premises, the integration of your child in his group and his familiarisation with the educational team. We take advantage of these moments to show the child that he is welcome, that he is expected to be there and that he has his place within the community.

Good collaboration with parents is sought to set up a step-by-step adaptation programme. Gradually, the time that the child spends in the structure without his parents will be prolonged little by little. The intended objective is that the child can eventually spend an entire day in the structure.

The educational team will evaluate the capacity of the child to adapt to the planned attendance schedule. Each case being unique, the mission of the member of the educational staff is to take the necessary measures, so that the best strategy is applied to make the child feel at ease.