Conditions & Fees

All of our packages include activities and outings, diapers, snacks, collations and care creams. The prices for extra services are fixed on a case by case basis according to the request. Since Petites Étoiles is a private child life centre, we do not ask for salary information. We have opted for three specified time frames, in order to give the children the opportunity of having meals outdoors and to give us the possibility of structuring their days according to the weather and their desires.

The fees are the same for all group : babies, toddlers or older children.

Full day 6.45 am - 6.45 pm: CHF 159.-

2/3rds of a day 6.45 am - 2.00 pm: CHF 105.-

1/2 day 2.00 pm - 6.45 pm: CHF 70.-

Presence and basic services in the morning from 6.00 - 7.00 am per period of 30 minutes CHF 15.-

Presence and basic services in the evening from 6.45 pm to 10.00 pm per period of 30 minutes CHF 15.-

The monthly fees are calculated according to the number of days in the week and the established attendance schedule, taking into account two weeks' holiday per year. The fees are thus established on an annual basis of 11.5 months rather than 12.

Example of monthly fee calculation :

(Basic price of one day according to attendance x 4.25 x 11.5) / 12
                               = fréquentation mensuelle

Average weeks in one month : 4.25
2 weeks' holiday not charged : 11.5 months paid instead of 12
Number of months in one year : 12

The monthly amounts must be paid, at the latest the 1st of the month concerned. For extra sessions or care in addition to the usual hours, the amounts are invoiced with th following month.

 Reminder expenses (late fees) will be invoiced in addition to the usual fees.

Absences (sickness, cantonal holidays) do not entitle you to a deduction or refund.

The registration fee is CHF 500.- and is in no case reimbursable or credited against future invoices.

According to availabilities and with three months' notice to the end of the month, the attendance rate of the child can be changed with the express agreement of the management, so long as the minimum weekly attendance is maintened.



Hours       6.45 am - 6.45 pm  6.45 am - 2.00 pm 2.00 pm - 6.45 pm
Monday CHF 647.- CHF 427.- CHF 285.-
Tuesday CHF 647.- CHF 427.- CHF 285.-
Wednesday       CHF 647.- CHF 427.- CHF 285.-
Thursday CHF 647.- CHF 427.- CHF 285.-
Friday CHF 647.- CHF 427.- CHF 285.-