Montessori Method

Imagine a place where your child would feel free to develop and grow at his own pace.

Maria Montessori wrote :

"The function of the environment is not to form the child but to allow him to reveal himself."

"The child is the most important part of the adult."

We know how important the first years are for the emotional and intellectual development of a child. In fact, it is during this period that 50 % of his intelligence is formed. It is therefore essential that he can benefit, from a very ealy age, from surroundings allowing him to awaken his intelligence, to blossom and reveal his true potential.

Montessori pedagogy takes into consideration the being as a whole and transmits fundmental values, such as respect, listening, desire, pleasure in learning and self-confidence.

It is profoundly imbued with, and convinced of, the principles of kindness, respect, order, framework, progression and multi-sensorial awakening, and gave rise to the creation of the Nido, the Children's Community and the Children's House.

We are not offering just a day-care centre, but a unique place where professionals, materials and the environment contribute to the awareness and well-being of your child. His growth, his progress and the development of his intelligence are for us a priority.