We are always open to meeting persons who would bring added value to Univers Montessori. If you like children and the educator profession and would like to bring your experience and innovative ideas to our project, do not hesitate to contact us to present your vision of the profession.

Our strength is to be able to count on a motivated, enthusiastic, competent and kind team. Our personnal policy aims to foster the loyalty of our qualified personnel and to consolidate their teams.

We have the same salary scales as those applied in the Canton of Vaud, but we are committed to showing our appreciation of our educational team by awarding bonuses according to their merit and the good functioning of the nursery and the school Univers Montessori.

We like to entrust project management to motivated employees, if the challenge tempts them and give them the help they need. We encourage new ideas that can make the children's experience more interesting for them and contribute to reinforcing the bond among the educators.

We think it is important that the educators have the time to think about the meaning and objectives of the educational project. An educators' room is provided for them to allow them to exchange ideas on their day with the children, and to give them time away from the children to find and develop new psychological and educational tools.

The educators are consistently helped by assistants who support them in their daily work. This help is precious for the team. It creates a rewarding and profitable exchange for both educational team and the well-being of the children.

If you would like to get more information or if you are interested in joining our team, please send us your complete application at the following email address: You will get an answer as soon as possible.