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Nous disposons d'une structure d'accueil fléxible et attentionée afin de répondre à vos exigences!

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L'apprentissage des


Chez nous, l'éveil à l'apprentissage des langues est une priorité. Pour offrir une base solide à vos enfants !

Organic Meals

Considering that between 0 and 4 years of age, a child discovers different foods and different flavours, Univers Montessori favours quality meals by progressively introducing organic and local protein foods and organic or swiss fruits and vegetables.

The menus are prepared in such a way as to guarantee healthy and well balanced nourishment by choosing exclusively organic foods while respecting the following dietary rules for young children :

- food is cooked by steaming

- a variety of season fruits and vegetables (raw and cooked) is offered to the children

- food preperation remains simple to preserve the initial flavour of the ingredients and to respect the dietetic rules for young children.

The midday meal, as well as the collations, are "home-made" and prepared by an Univers Montessori chef or a partnair how respect "the daily made" tradition to keep the vitamins.

For children with allergies, compelled to avoid certain foods or on special diets, it is important to provide a medical certificate to the educational staff.