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Notre philosophie:


Nous disposons d'une structure d'accueil fléxible et attentionée afin de répondre à vos exigences!

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L'apprentissage des


Chez nous, l'éveil à l'apprentissage des langues est une priorité. Pour offrir une base solide à vos enfants !

Children’s Community and Children’s House Menus

The menus of the children's community and the Univers Montessori School are made day by day, according to the arrivals of seasonal products by our artisans:

The certified meat of Swiss origin is mainly chicken and beef.

Other proteins, organic eggs, cheeses, soya are regularly part of the menu. Swiss organic cheeses, gruyère, emmental and other white cheeses are offered at all meals.

The bread, black book and rolls with milk are delivered to us by the Jacquat bakery in Denges.

We respect one day a week without meat or fish.

We offer organic brown rice, organic basmati rice, organic wholemeal pasta, organic quinoa, organic polenta, organic bougour, organic legumes.

Univers Montessori takes the greatest care in choosing its products. For food of course (local or organic), but also for care with organic products, cleaning with biodegradable products.

We don't use harmful microwaves for vitamins, and we never save leftovers for the next day.