Enfants Education
Crèche - Centre de vie enfantine Petites Etoiles à Préverenges Crèche - Centre de vie enfantine Petites Etoiles à Préverenges Crèche - Centre de vie enfantine Petites Etoiles à Préverenges Crèche - Centre de vie enfantine Petites Etoiles à Préverenges Crèche - Centre de vie enfantine Petites Etoiles à Préverenges

Communauté Enfantine

Nous accueillons tous les enfants de 18 mois à 3 ans dans un environnement parfaitement adapté à leurs besoins et leurs envies.

Children’s Community

Like young plants, children grow and absorb the nourishing and nurturing elements of the Montessori atmosphere.

Their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development is the result of their freedom. Children, whose needs are met, are calm, confident, happy and well balanced.

The Children's Community welcomes children from 18 months to 3 years of age.

"Help me to be myself".

The prepared environment meets the essential development needs of small children. By finding a response to the sensitive periods he goes through, the small child will be able to construct his self-confidence.

The sensitive periods for order and movement have reached their peak and begin to decline around the age of two. The sensitive periods for language, social behaviour and refinement of the senses will remain active for several years.

Order and movement are at the heart of the atmosphere in the small Children's Community.

Although this is a sensitive period for order, it doesn't mean that the child is going to put all his toys away! On the other hand, he will know the place of each object, and will be happy to find them in its place. This gives him a sense of security.

The regularity of menus, nap routines, the intagible arrangement of materials on shelves, the precise organisation of going outdoors, the time periods allotted to activites, etc. will have an impact on his feeling of security, while allowing him to integrate the rules of social life.

As for movement, all the tasks that are proposed to him are focused on it.

There are movements involving the whole body and movements requiring fine motor skills (squeezing a citrus fruit, drawing, working with the pink tower, taking care of plants, combing/brushing his hair, climbing, aso.).

Pedagogical language material is also proposed to the child to develop and refine his language skills, in particular the enrichment of his vocabulary.

Montessori material consists of images, objects, nursery rhymes, stories and songs.

At this age, the child is already, of course, asked to express himself and to participate in conversations. Dialogue, in an atmosphere of real communication with the eductor and the other children, helps him to accept differences and develop his knowledge, which will lead him to respect others as they are.

Children like to imitate adults. Sensorial development activities allow him to improve his motor skills, develop his concentration and help him to become independent, to take care of himself, others and his environment.

Specific materials are made available to him to experiment, in order to refine his five senses and allow his intelligence to become active and creative.

Order, movement and language, combined with the rich cultural atmosphere which is offered to him (listening to music, painting and drawing activities, taste workshop, aso.), contribute to the social development of the child.

We offer the child a living space that will enable him to construct his identity.